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Over the last few years, businesses have heavily relied on social media presence as one of the many ways to market their products and resources. This includes Flywheel. The world of social media is a huge platform that is used to provide visuals through photographs and even videography, which is now gaining more recognition. 

The longer we use social media outlets, the more and more competitive it becomes. We’re sure you’re aware of it; consider all of the paid ads you see, as they seem to be everywhere. Marketing is all around us, but good quality content, photos, and videos are not. We aren’t meaning to throw any shade but want to offer a way to understand it and make it better. Maintaining a high quality in everything you share with your audience makes your business stand out, and this is something Flywheel is reeling in this year. Think about your options - social media, websites, podcasts, etc. You are able to reach your customer anytime, anywhere. Use this to your advantage! Plus, if the content you are sharing is appealing to the eye, it has more potential to be shared.

“93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Most importantly, the quality of the visuals you’ll use to show how your products look is essential.”

Publishing bad quality visuals can skew your customers and could potentially change their purchasing decision. Don’t get us wrong, we know that’s not the only key component when you have product reviews, and have built B2B and B2C relationships, but it plays an important part. Viewing promotional products online can be tricky, because your customer isn’t physically there to hold the product, to feel the quality, or to trust the product rings true to its description. So, how can we do a better job at catching the eyes of our loyal customers? You'll need to post quality content and visuals. We advise investing in a good camera, taking pictures and videos that way, and don’t overdo it on the edits. You don’t want to distort the true colors of the products, and sometimes it can actually affect the pixels, which makes the imagery unclear.

Better quality imagery can provide:

  • Increased engagement.
  • More potential shares.
  • Increased sales.
  • Trust from your clients.
  • Increased ranking in popular search engines.

I know this is not usually the topic Flywheel tends to discuss, but in this industry, we love to share the things we are passionate about and to be able to give the best experience for our clients.

- Flywheel

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Here is a comparison of what a bad quality image looks like to what a clear, pristine, product image looks like. Just for the fun, but maybe you can take something from it too!

Photo Fail: 

  • Taken on an iPhone.
  • Over-edited with filters.
  • Too many distractions in the background.
  • The angle is not flattering.

Photo Goals:

  • Taken on a Canon 5D Mark Ⅳ.
  • Edited in Adobe Lightroom, and not over-edited.
  • Clean & clear background.
  • The focal point is the cup.

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