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November 17, 2023

What are The Best Company Promotional Items for a Yoga Studio?

Merch is the best way to maximize a brand's visibility on a large scale. For companies, employers show gratitude towards their employees by gifting them quality promotional items. The best company promotional items can relate to a particular category, season, theme, vacation, event, or so much more. To give a little pro tip, when your instructors are using or wearing the studio’s merch, it promotes the products for your clientele and reminds people of your brand name. Your studio can utilize an extensive list of items we have here at Flywheel Brands.


The Best Corporate Merch Products to Promote at Your Studio

Branded products are paramount in fostering brand recognition and garnering attention for organizations. Even esteemed yoga studios recognize the significance of incorporating their own personalized merchandise to amplify their services and brand presence. An abundance of quality items are available, ideal for bestowing upon fitness or yoga enthusiasts as tokens of appreciation and utilization.

1. Apparel

Apparel is a number one staple for a fitness enthusiast to wear when going to work out. Whether that beat your studio or a different gym, they’re still wearing it. It makes it more desirable when apparel is designed well; whether that be from the quality or messaging you want to add, it’ll create the culture you desire. Apparel is also used as the best company promotional items in corporate companies. Don’t believe us? According to ASI, “Performance wear generates 2,336 impressions over its lifetime.”, and we’d say that’s pretty huge.

Source: Ad Impression Study

2. Drinkware

While working out, it’s essential to stay hydrated and promote hydration, whether during the workout or after. We always hear stretching is recommended to release the lactic acid we all have built up, so the same should be encouraged about drinking water. Studios can give (or sell) customized water bottles to their class rosters after any class or for any pop-up events. Moreover, whenever anyone takes out the bottle to refill or uses it as their emotional support water bottle, the brand will be noticed by anyone who is nearby.

3. Sweat Towels

A sweat towel is a necessity for a lot of people. During and after Post-workout, people are sweating out all the stress they’ve built up for weeks, toxins, and all the water they’re encouraged to drink. Whether you decide to give complimentary sweat towels away when members sign up or as giveaway items, they’re going to be used. It’s a grand gesture for the people to continue motivating them to stay active, no matter how much they sweat. For a lot of corporations, sweat towels are the best corporate swag you’d be silly not to have.

4. Yoga Mats

 I’m sure you’re surprised to see this one. Yes, Lululemon and other top brands aren’t the only ones to sell luxurious yoga mats. We carry them here at Flywheel as well. But if you’re only a Lululemon fan, we can also get those for you (just saying). Yoga mats are fantastic to keep in studios because someone will most likely forget theirs or simply not have one yet. So, if you’re an instructor reading this, how awesome would it be to have your class be in downward dog and see your studio name on the yoga mat? Now, that’s just a WIN.

5. Resistance Bands

A resistance band is one of the vital accessories that is used to maximize muscle gain and strength, for which you may consider us the best place to order promotional items. However, it may help your clientele motivate themselves and use them at home. A resistance band is also an excellent way to improve flexibility, boost brain function, and health benefits.


Elevate Your Visibility

The best company promotional items play a crucial role in accelerating the visibility of a brand or business. Many business owners are adapting this idea to promote their business to the next level. These products silently speak about the brand. Also, there are a number of products that a studio owner can use to promote their center. Some of which have already been mentioned above. If you also want to see more, you can visit us at Flywheel Brands FlywheelBrands or reach out to us. We provide countless merch items that can be customized and created to your liking.

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