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Using Textured Swag

Think of your everyday tote. It's just a bag, right. That's all totes are. But how does an item become your favorite? It is unique. Something about it is special. There are so very many ways you can be creative with promo products. Texture is one of those ways.


Who doesn’t love good canvas material? It is simple, durable, cute, and comfortable.


Takin’ it back to the 1970’s with this extra fun, extra soft fabric. It is stylish and it makes a statement!


Oh , denim. It has been there for us all when we needed it most. And it isn’t going anywhere.

Vegan Leather:

    It shines a little bit, it looks cute. You can’t go wrong.


   A great insulator for keeping food & drinks hot or warm. 


A durable, waterproof material to keep the essentials safe & dry.

Clear Vinyl:

See-through & lightweight makes this the perfect shopping tote! Look how those bright colors stand out so well.

Ban Boring Swag

These totes are definitely not boring. We want your brand to succeed and grow and creative promo products are the way to do it. Contact us today to start banning boring swag from your brand.

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