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Trendy Custom Printed Swag Ideas for Summer 2022

As the summer approaches, many companies wonder about the best promotional products to create their custom printed swag this season. The promotional products should complement the summer season and help make a lasting impression on customers. Therefore, the products you choose must be suitable for hot weather and are helpful to consumers. 

If you are ignorant about what products would be appropriate for the company’s swag, take inspiration from these ideas to make your brand pop and create a lasting impression on recipients. 

1. Consider Totes and Drawstring Bags 

The best promotional product for your corporate branding swag are totes and drawstring bags. People tend to go to the beaches, supermarkets, amusement parks, and visit many other places. Therefore, you can consider distributing these bags as lightweight and effortless to carry. Whenever employees go shopping carrying your customized bag, they will promote the brand to several people with the personalized bag. 

2. Customized Water Bottles 

Being in the sun makes people feel thirsty and dehydrated. They need plenty of liquids to stay hydrated in summer. Therefore, incorporating water bottles in your custom printed swag is an intelligent way to improve brand visibility. It is because people carry water bottles everywhere they go. When they use your customized water bottles, they will remember your brand at once. 

3. Cool and Stylish Sunglasses  

As summers are around the corner, nothing can be better than sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the scorching heat of the sun. If you want to incorporate something unique in your company branding swag, customized sunglasses are a perfect choice for it. Almost every second person uses them, whether they spend the day outside or driving on a hot sunny day. Therefore, distributing them is a great way to boost your business presence. 

4. Summer T-shirts 

Customized summer t-shirts are among the best and most popular promotional items you can consider for your company swag. The personalized t-shirts give the employees a sense of pride and belongingness with the brand. When employees wear the t-shirts at conferences, events, meetings, and informal outings, they expose the brand to multiple individuals who can become potential customers in the future.

5. Flying Discs 

Summer is a great time to engage in outside activities. One of the most popular outdoor games is flying discs. People play with flying discs on beaches & parks to relax and have fun. You can make their summer more entertaining with customized flying discs. Whenever people play with your customized flying disc, they can immediately recognize your brand and, at the same time, enjoy their games.

Build the Coolest Summer Swag with Flywheel Brands

Apart from these items, there are plenty of trendy ideas to create the coolest summer company branding swag. Ensure the items you choose should be of use to the recipient to remind him of your brand. If you need assistance to create your swag store, Flywheel Brands is there to help you. You will find a vast collection of promotional products on our website to make your swag store. Ready to design your summer swag? Reach out to us today.

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