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Trendy Conference and Corporate Event Giveaway Items

Managing corporate events can be hectic for you, as you have to look at the guest list, invites, and seating arrangement. We at Flywheel are here to make your work easy to choose from and offer the attendees your giveaway items. We primarily focus on sustainable products that do not harm the planet and can be re-used at various times. Here is the list of those items. You must remember that whatever you choose, the gift item must be purchased from the best local brands so that the receiver will cherish it forever.

5 Items to Give to Corporate Event Attendees

You can choose any valuable item for the guests from the below list. It's a great way to use it as a welcome kit or thank you gift.

1. Sunglasses

What is better than providing them with Newport everyday matte sunglasses if you are hosting the event on bright sunny days? It will protect the guest's eyes from UV rays and make the event more comfortable. Also, do not forget to purchase it from the best local brands. Choosing unisexual sunglasses is better, so there will be no mess later.

2. Notebooks or Journal Sets

What could be a better item than a notebook to give employees at conference meetings or corporate events? Whether they have to note the essential points discussed in the meeting or brainstorm some new ideas, a diary is the best item to give. The attendees can utilize the item for a long time after the meeting and will recall the organization from which they got the eco-inspired tri-fold stationery gift set. You can seek sustainable wholesale products in notebooks or cute short diaries and give them to employees.

3. Bags

Another item you can give to the event guests are cool, funky bags. It can be a perfect fit as they can use it for the office or other personal purposes. There are vast varieties of bags like traveler's, office, gym, etc., and organizations can search for eco-friendly, sustainable clothing bags for the attendees. Opting for primary colors like red, black, etc., is better.

4. Vacuum Insulated Bottles

You can go with a drinkware gift box set to give to the attendees. For instance, the bottle utilizes UV-C light technology in the bottle's lid to purify and destroy germs. It has rechargeable batteries and a cleaning mode. It is an item that makes life much easier and more comfortable as it can keep the water cold and hot with its double layers of stainless steel.

5. Clothing Item

An eco-friendly, sustainable clothing item like a hoodie, a full-color t-shirt, or a jacket is a great way to represent your brand. Also, recycled items are trendy and will increase the company or brand's goodwill by reflecting that they equally work on making the planet green.

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Apart from these items, we offer various sustainable community products.

like caps, socks, health and fitness items, etc. These items will serve as a constant reminder of your company and may aid in the development of trust and connection with them. Connect with us at Flywheel to shop with us.

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