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Top Promo Product Picks For 2018

Promotional products never go out of style. People love free stuff, especially things they can practically use. Let’s take a look back at the promo marketing products that still prove valuable tools today!  If you’ve made the commitment to creating a memorable experience with your marketing and business initiatives, then check out this list to help give you a leg up on your competition. These were 2018’s most unique and impactful promotional products and custom apparel in these categories:

  • Pens
  • Mobile Power
  • Phone Accessories
  • Tech Devices
  • Drinkware
  • Health/Wellness
  • Bags

If you find yourself needing new ideas, bookmark this list to best strategize for giveaways, trade shows, employee or client gifts, or even just everyday tokens of appreciation!

Luminosity USB Pen

If you are looking for a modern take on a classic gift, this is a sleek and practical option. This pen features a 4GB flash drive secured in the top of the pen and a twist action barrel to expose the pen tip.  

Have your pens mirror laser engraved with your logo for stunning personalization. Each pen also comes in a stylish and customizable black cardboard tube.

Signal Stylus and Light-Up Pen

This is becoming the new standard for promotional pens.

Let your brand shine by having your logo laser engraved in the backlit barrel of this pen.

If that isn't enough to get the attention of your audience, this pen also has the added functionality of a soft stylus. Whether written or digital, your customers and prospects who receive this gift or giveaway will always have a use for it!

Nightlight Charger

This nifty two-in-one gadget combines a dual port USB charger with a handy LED nightlight.

The charger features an on/off switch for the nightlight, and convenient folding prongs for a more compact design.

Albeit a simple device, it's a recently released design that's becoming increasingly popular in retail spaces for business travelers and busy professionals.

Power Bank Binder

Versatility is the name of the game anymore, which is why this modern spin on a very traditional item has made it on our list.

This stylish, executive gift features a refillable 6-ring binder with a magnetic closure and a polyurethane cover that features your company's logo.

What really makes it special is the 4000 mAh power bank clipped inside, making this a memorable gift for your team members, loyal customers and high-level prospects.

Solar Power Bank

If you're looking for a marketing tool or gift that is useful and also environmentally friendly, there's the solar power bank.

Boasting a 6000 mAh battery, dual USB ports, folding prongs and solar panel input for emergency trickle charge, this power bank can handle most situations and is sure to be used by anyone you give it to. We especially recommend prospective clients and customers with growth possibilities.

Power Cord Lanyard

This extra-long lanyard and ID holder has another surprising purpose. It is a 2-in-1 for both iOS and Android devices! Its multi-purpose design makes it a fantastic go-to item for trade shows, conventions, conferences and other events where you're looking to create a buzz.

Unlike your standard lanyard, this product serves as a gift that people will gladly keep after the event and continue to use long after. And, with your logo imprinted on the cable, that means long-lasting promotion for your brand.


If you like your brand, then you should put a ring on it! The Ringr is a handy-dandy, multi-purpose accessory for any phone or tablet. Your customers, prospects and even employees will love using it as a kickstand or a selfie aid. They can also mount it to the wall or their vehicle for hands-free device usage, or use it to get a grip on larger gadgets. The versatility will make this a gift anyone will want to keep! Not to mention, the full-color dome imprint makes a statement bigger than a three carat diamond. (Well, almost.)

Stretch Phone Wallet

Phone wallets aren't a "new" item necessarily, but continue to be extremely popular, especially because of their ever-evolving design options!

This particular phone wallet has the added benefit of a stretchy spandex material rather than the more rigid silicone that most people are used to. Promising long-lasting elasticity, this product will make it much better for your trade show visitors or new clients to carry multiple cards or thicker items without worrying about their safety.

Magnetic Air Vent Phone Wallet

Predictability doesn't cut it anymore, which is why we had to include this new version of the phone wallet that comes with a surprise: a magnetic air vent mount for vehicles.

This phone wallet itself is made out of polyurethane and includes a magnetic plate. To use, apply the wallet to a phone and slide the mount onto an air vent. The wallet will secure your phone to the magnetic mount without any adhesives!

Executive Phone Wallet

There's one more we want you to know about! If you like the idea of a phone wallet, but would prefer one that looks a bit more "professional", then check out the Executive Phone Wallet.

This design is made of a black polyurethane material, so it's still practical while looking sleek on your device. With a look like this, the product carries a high-perceived value that will impress any prospective or new customer.


Blue Sequoia Alarm Clock Speaker

This is an alarm clock that does a lot more than it has any right to. In addition to the built-in Bluetooth speaker, the Blue Sequoia also features a high-def microphone for hands-free calling, built-in thermometer, and also Qi charging capabilities. (BTW, Qi is a standard developed for inductive electrical power transfer over distances of up to 4cm. By placing a Qi-enabled device on top of this device, it will charge wirelessly!) Let's just say pairing your logo with an impressive device will absolutely create the kind of memorable impact that you're seeking.

Rumble Bottle w/ Speaker

Drinkware is one of the most successful promotional products categories, but now all those regular cups seem to be lacking. Introducing: the Rumble Bottle.

The Rumble Bottle offers your standard but still awesome features like a wide-mouth opening BPA-free design, but the kicker is the Bluetooth speaker which screws onto the base of the bottle. Each charge (cable included) lasts for up to 90 minutes of play time from up to 30 feet away! Now that's a way to really crank up your marketing.

Action Waterproof Camera

Investing in custom gifts is not just for the holiday season. Showing gratitude year-round for your customers helps build relationships as well as your business. Taking a gander at popular custom tech devices like this Action Waterproof Camera may be worth your time (and money). With built-in WiFi feature and mount, your thoughtfulness could make a lasting statement for an ongoing partnership.

Stanley® Classic Vacuum Bottle

This iconic 1.1 qt. thermos has fueled outdoor adventures for generations. Why not support the tradition by investing in a co-branded gift that will also help create new memories?

Marked by the timeless hammertone finish and rugged durability, this hardworking thermos keeps drink hot for up to 24 hours!

Stanley® Classic Vacuum Growler

It ain’t Grandad’s old vacuum bottle, but he’ll raise his pint in admiration!

Rising to the call for cold, fresh beer, the 64 oz. Classic Vacuum Growler lets you transport your favorite brew (or other refreshing beverage) in fully functional and iconic-style container.

A co-branded gift like this will serve you well if you're looking to surprise a loyal customer or offer your sincerity to a newer client.

Stanley® Mountain Vacuum Switchback Mug

Your customers will never worry about a leak when they toss your co-branded Stanley® mug in their bag! As with all Stanley products, this design comes with satisfaction guaranteed Built for Life™ lifetime warranty. Other notable features include its industry-leading thermal performance and usability in any scenario, and a push-button lid that allows you open, drink, and close with one hand.

Stanley® Classic One Mug

Meet your new best friend. Once you give this workhorse of a mug to your best customers or employees, you’ll never want to use anything else.

This one-handed piece of drinkware brings the thermal performance of a vacuum-insulated thermos into a portable mug. Fully leak-proof, your recipients can enjoy their morning pick-me-up on the go with no accidents! And they'll have you and your brand to thank for it!

Stanley® Adventure Stacking Pint

Everyone at the party deserves a cold drink, and the 16 oz. Stanley Adventure Stacking Vacuum Pint will make sure your loyal customers are well-prepared. This Stanley design stacks infinitely to save space when packing or storing, and is vacuum-insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 4 hours, iced for 15 hours and hot for a good 45 minutes. Now if only all your co-branded promotional products could only be so helpful, right?

Swig Bottle

On-trend this season is the Swig Bottle, a drinkware style that resembles a standard beverage bottle you'd grab out of the mini mart cooler. Not only is it growing increasingly popular, it is still widely unique, compared to the standard tumbler that has been on the market for years.

With its screw-on, spill-resistant lid, wide-mouth opening, and double-wall construction for insulation, this bottle is sure to be used regularly and your logo seen often!

Lip Sips

Enjoy beverage-inspired flavors with this new line of lip balm! Its all-natural formula includes beeswax, organic hemp seed oil, and rosemary extract — plus SPF 15 broad spectrum protection, which makes it great for use in cold and hot temperatures. What makes these especially unique (and rare) are their fun flavors, such as Mint Mojito, Blueberry Moscow Mule and Chocolate Coffee Stout, or the more traditional favorites like Juice Box and Shirley Temple.

Cooling Towel

Printed with a stunning full-color dye sublimation process, these cooling towels sure to impress your clients who love spending time at the gym, pool, beach, any sporting event or just outside. The brightly colored design boasts a higher-perceived value and is doubly effective because of its usefulness. Although companies with a sporty or outdoorsy brand may be most apt to use this product, it's truly effective for anyone looking to grab the attention of new customers with an on-trend, handy product.

Mission Pack

The Mission Pack will help bring along all necessary essentials for the journey ahead with the extra large interior capacity and a padded sleeve that fits most 15" laptops. Its insulated cooler pocket and dual side water bottle pockets will store food and drinks while the dual tech ports allow for easy charging of your gadgets. Use the RFID-lined pocket to store sensitive material and bring you added peace of mind and security. The Mission Pack always ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

SoMa Messenger Bag

With multiple compartments, including a checkpoint-friendly, padded pocket that fits most 15" laptops, the SoMa Messenger cradles all your work-day essentials without adding unnecessary bulk. Keep your power bank and phone connected while you're on the go with the USB tech port, and keep yourself hydrated with the four interior and exterior zip-out water bottle pockets. Utilize the branding on the front flap and be the messenger of your brand while you zip through town.

Embarcadero Pack

With dual-side water bottle/accessory holders, you're sure to never go thirsty, and with a USB tech port, your devices shouldn't either. Plus, the padded pockets for both tablet-sized devices and most 15" laptops allow you to travel assured knowing that your valuables are protected. Fully adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps with a sliding sternum strap keeps you strapped in and ready for the day's adventure. With a full-color imprint, the Embarcadero Pack will carry your brand from one place to the next.

There's more items where these came from, so keep checking Flywheel's blog for more cool new products, workplace tips, and more! Also, be sure to check out FlywheelPromotions.com for all the products we carry, and don't hesitate to contact us if you see something you like, want some more information, or even just have some questions. We'd love to help!

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