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THESE Shirts Get Worn More Often Than Regular T-Shirts!

Want to know the secret to getting your company’s shirt worn by millions of people? Comfort.

People don’t want to walk around in a stiff, itchy, poorly made t-shirt – even if they did get it for free. Give your audience a shirt that they really want to wear by giving them one made with Butterwash Technology!

What is Butterwash Technology?

Butterwash technology is a revolutionary process that makes regular t-shirts softer than ever. Butterwach Technology is applied to a t-shirt after the printing process has been complete. One-touch and you won’t want to put the shirt down!

Picture yourself shopping at any store for a plain white t-shirt. You’re walking around and giving each one a gentle touch – nothing is really tickling your senses. And then you reach for a white t-shirt hanging underneath a sign that says it was washed with Butterwash Technology. It’s the softest t-shirt you’ve felt all day and you just know that you would be comfortable wearing that shirt all day long! 

Your audience might go through a similar scenario! Let’s say they’re at an expo and there are 50 company’s giving out t-shirts. They might not need another shirt, so they say no to every vendor – until they reach your Butterwash t-shirts. They’ll be happy to take it home because, even though they don’t need another shirt, they can’t resist that softness!

Private Label Your Butterwashed Shirts

Why spend money to put your label on a t-shirt only for your audience to see that it’s just a Fruit of the Loom or Hanes t-shirt? Show them you’re serious about your business and give them a t-shirt with your company’s name on the logo!

Our Butterwash Shirts come with the ability to private label. You can take advantage of a 3X3” area inside the neck of your t-shirt (where the tag would be). You can enter the text that you’d like with one of their templates, or they’ll create a custom design just for you!

Flywheel Brands Inc. will also make sure the inside label has all of the information it’s legally required to have – like country of origin, care instructions, etc. 

Private Labelling is an excellent choice because you’re not promoting another company! Everything your audience sees on the t-shirt will have been placed there with intention by you. You can have more control over your promotional shirts than ever with Private Labels.

Flywheel Brand Solutions

Here at Flywheel Brands, we customize our shirts to your requirements. You will have the option to purchase shirts with Butterwash Technology and have those shirts come with your Private Label. Get started today and give your audience their new favorite t-shirts!

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