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The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts for Conferences and Giveaways

Corporate merchandise and gifting have reached an all-time hype. Nowadays, corporate gifts are meant not only for employees' special occasions such as birthdays, welcomes, farewells, and work anniversaries but also to retain employees. The current corporate industries boost huge sales by giving sustainable corporate gifts to their employees, even at conferences and through monthly giveaways. Sustainable corporate gifting is the latest trend where enterprises are using eco-friendly products, taking a step ahead to protect the environment.

Not only are environmentally friendly gifts advantageous for the environment, but they are beneficial for your health too! Also, it creates a positive impact among the employees and clients that you are concerned about the environment.

What Sustainable Corporate Gifts Can You Present?

Giving corporate gifts to consumers and employees is an excellent and quick way to affirm your healthy professional relationship with them. Instead of going for another plastic-based item, you can use the following sustainable promotional products. Let's have a look at a few of them.

1. 100% Recycled Jackets

Apparel is a universal favorite, and when it is eco-friendly or sustainable, its value doubles. Jackets made from fabrics such as 100% recycled polyester or cotton can be a great choice to stay eco-friendly and gift your employees during significant conferences or monthly/yearly giveaways. These jackets are customized, and you can get these sustainable corporate gifts customized with your brand's name, logo, or other specifications on demand.

2. Recycled Water Bottles

Gift-giving in the corporate world is often an overlooked way of producing goodwill among your clients and employees. Prove to your business partners, employees, and customers during your conferences or giveaways that you are "going green" with eco-friendly corporate gifts. Recycled water bottles are sustainable corporate gifts that you can use as one of the best options for preserving the environment. A recycled water bottle is a quality gift and an integral office accessory that one can't miss.

3. Computer Backpack

Along with your brand name, logo, and other company details, a computer bag designed with style and sustainability, is one of the fantastic sustainable gift ideas you can proudly present to your business partners, consumers, and employees. These bags' exteriors are made of 100% recycled bottles, with a high-volume design and an easy fit. It can also be gifted while organizing any conference or giveaway for your fashion-forward marketing campaign.

4. Organic Juniper Blanket

The Custom Tentree organic cotton juniper blanket is one of the perfect sustainable corporate gifts for your eco-friendly employees and clients. It's a functional and beautiful eco-friendly gift to present in their honor. The product is quality-assured and designed for those chilly and breezy mornings to ward off the cold for as long as you want. These blankets are also customized; you can make them your promotional product by personalizing them with your company's name, logo, and other details.

5. Eco-friendly Notepads

You can get thousands of customized sustainable corporate gifts with brand logos, names, and artwork. Eco-friendly notepads are among the most suitable gift ideas that are valuable for employees on their 9–5 working days. These notepads are made from recyclable paper, featuring the beauty of natural essence and elevated quality. Employees and customers can proudly carry these notepads or diaries, being eco-friendly and concerned about sustainable development.

Today you can order your sustainable promotional products.

Corporate gifting is integral to business and maintaining a healthy relationship with your employees. So, if you are thinking of presenting gifts to sustainable friends, your employees, business associates, and clients, reach out to Flywheel today! Send us your brand's specifications and any information that you need on your customized products, and we will assist you with the exact product that you want. Contact us now!

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