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Swag Bags & Celebrations

This is part 5 of a mini-series called "Refreshing Ideas," containing examples of marketing strategies different businesses have used.

The Aware Women’s health Foundation 25th annual convention was a milestone to be celebrated, so of course, swag bags are a necessity. The organizers wanted to put together a swag bag containing products that attendees could use during the convention as well as a few they could use long after the convention had ended.

-The Aware Foundation focuses on wellness as a key part of their brand initiatives, and hydration is no exception. Water bottles were an obvious choice.

-Another part of the brand’s initiatives is safety. The Chroma Keyring Flashlight was chosen as a useful and inexpensive item that can be kept on a keychain, purse, etc.

-This conference was filled with motivational speakers, workshops, and educational activities where attendees would take endless notes! Products were adorned with motivational sayings and reminders about what their organization stands for.

The organizers of this event chose products to support their cause and make a lasting impression on the attendees. Anytime these products are used, they will be reminded of this organization and their mission.

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