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Staying Top of Mind

This is part 6 of a mini-series called "Refreshing Ideas," containing examples of marketing strategies different businesses have used.

Keeping your brand in front of potential clients over the long run is a key to breaking long sale cycles. Picture this: something goes wrong with a potential client of yours and their current supplier, they need a new brand. Who will they choose as a replacement? A brand who has been in front of their face the entire time! Kettner Insurance understands this and focuses their efforts on branding everyday use items with contact information to keep their brand at arms reach.

The following branded items are some of their most utilized items.

-a pen representing each agent’s business card and sticky note pad for just about any situation where long-term exposure was important.

-an LED Light Bar, which is great to have while walking at night or kept in a car for emergencies.

-wine tumblers, because clients can simply relax while their agents have everything under control.

These products are easy to send home with customers and something the customers will use day after day to make a lasting impression.

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