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Video Marketing: Boosting Your's Brand's Value

Do you find yourself feeling intimidated with technical projects? Instead of feeling overwhelmed, make sure you know the right marketing tools to help you boost your strategy. Video marketing may be the next way energize your brand and streamline your efforts.

Forbes Magazine published a helpful article earlier this year, entitled "Five Reasons Video Content Should be Among Your Marketing Tactics in 2018".

It reinforces the undeniable fact that video is a completely customizable medium for your brand and message that has an return on investment (ROI) that makes reporting easy peasey when your boss is checking on the numbers. Here's that list of five reasons:

  1. Easy-to-Track Results
  2. Technology is Demanding More Video
  3. Effortless Engagement is Possible
  4. Brand is More Visible Through Video
  5. Great for Every Occasion

Our own in-house digital content creator, Emily Haney, also put together a fun video message that outlines 6 things you should expect once you commit to adding video marketing to your initiatives. Check out the video for more details on these almost too-good-to-be-true facts.

  1. You can easily see and track the ROI
  2. Video contributes to conversions and sales
  3. Trust is built with prospects and clients
  4. SEO is boosted by video content
  5. Mobile users love video
  6. Explaining your product or service is easier