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9 Creative Promotional Giveaways to Boost Your Brand Awareness

On the surface, promotional products seem like a slam dunk. It's true that they have great potential, but it all depends on practicality and trendiness. We've all received promotional giveaways that we've tossed aside, never to be seen again. Think of the endless pile of lanyards that you’ve collected over the years. So, how do you make sure your business's products don't meet the same fate? The key is creativity and giving customers something they actually want. Check out these unique ideas that are sure to keep customers talking.

Sunglasses Holders

When the sun hits you as you drive, having a pair of sunglasses close by is crucial. Combat that unavoidable blind spot by keeping keep your sunglasses handy with a sunglass holder clip. Clip it onto your  visor so your sunglasses are always near.  As an added bonus, customers can use this to hold their reading glasses by their bed. They clip it onto their bedside lamp and voila, they're ready for a nightly reading session.

Portable Speakers

Music turns any day into a party. Why not give your customers a party on the go with a portable speaker? Look for a speaker with Bluetooth technology so customers can play music from their phones wire-free. Some models are waterproof too, making them perfect for the beach or the pool. As summer seeps in, now is the perfect time for these giveaways.

Web Cam Covers

Security is a major concern for your customers. Chances are that they've heard the horror stories about hackers accessing people's webcams to film them in secret.

As scary as that is, your customers privacy can be protected through a webcam cover. What a perfect opportunity for a handy branded product. Not only will you be keeping your customers safe, but you'll slap your logo in a place where they'll see it every day. This offers branding power that's hard to match.

Hot/Cold Packs

When you have an injury, a lumpy bag of ice cubes doesn't cut it. A hot/cold pack is more comfortable and easier to grab, but few customers think to buy them. You can meet that need. A branded hot/cold pack reminds your customer you are always there to meet their needs. This is especially handy and on-theme for businesses in the healthcare industry.

Computer Memo Holders

Chances are that most of your customers aren't spring chickens. You can also bet that they've felt the pain of craning their neck while they transcribe something from a paper to their computer. You can solve that problem and put your logo in a visible spot with a branded memo holder. This plastic piece attaches to their computer monitor. It features a clip so they can hang up any memo next to their computer screen. This works best for B2B businesses. These companies' customers spend more time at their computers. Desktop computers are also more common in offices than at home.

Waterproof Phone Pouches

A day of lounging by the pool or hanging at the beach becomes expensive if your phone gets damaged by water. At the same time, you need to have your phone nearby in case of an emergency. What's a sunbather to do?Give your customers the solution: a waterproof phone pouch. These pouches are see-through so customers can still see when they have a text or a call. This is one giveaway that will make you say, "Why hadn't I thought of that?"

Keychain Bottle Opener

The internet is full of videos of people trying to open bottles in entertaining ways. As fun as those are to watch, your customers don't want to star in them. You can be their rescuer by giving away promotional keychain bottle openers. They'll have them on their keys so they'll see them every day. And each time they open their favorite beverage with that satisfying "kshhh" sound, they'll thank you.A word of caution on these: they have a short and wide space for a logo. It will work best if your logo is short and wide too. If not, your logo may be too small to be readable.

USB Hubs

USB hubs are one of those things you never seem to have enough of. You can change that for your customers. A USB hub is like a power strip for USB. It plugs into one USB port on your computer, offering three or four new USB ports for you to use. From a branding perspective, a promotional USB port is powerful. Customers will plug it in and leave it in, so they'll see it each day as they sit at their computer.

Clever Kits

Can't decide what promotional item to give away? Why not have an entire kit? You can hand out branded kits that are built around a specific purpose or activity. Some of our most popular options are first aid kits, golf kits, grilling kits, and stationery kits. If you want to make sure to hit the nail on the head, choose something in your industry. For instance, if you're in the apparel industry, sewing kits can be a top choice.

Working Marketing Magic with Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways are like anything else in the advertising world. They have huge potential but only if you make the right choices.

The key is to think about the products your customers will use and appreciate. Don't forget to consider which products they'll see on a regular basis. The ideas above fit both of these criteria.

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