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Say No to Smartphones: Why Professional Photography is Important for Brand Marketing

Even though the smartphone camera in our pocket is ultra-convenient, there's a distinct difference between selfie-quality and studio-quality photography. While our phones can do a lot, there’s no comparison for the right professional tool. So, if you're on a mission to be the best in your industry, you may want to consider putting down your phone and investing in something that better matches your brand's stature.

Making Comparisons

Consulting the experts, we found some interesting comparisons on a blog posted by Canon, which includes smartphone and professional grade results side-by-side. Although the proof is obvious, we thought we'd try it out ourselves.

Thermos with the Flywheel logo printed on it

Through my iPhone 6S screen, this shot seemed artsy and crisp. It seemed as if the dim lighting might actually add to the mood. But now that it's loaded, the low lighting and lack of clarity is evident. This would definitely need a filter before being posted to Instagram and even then, it may not do. There's no doubt that quality equipment is the better option.

Lighten Things Up

One of the quickest ways to improve the quality of your subject, whether it's a product or person, it to improve the lighting. When we feature awesome, new products that have hit the market, we first take it to our light box. Here's an example of the SpinSocket and how it comes alive with proper lighting and a clean background.

The simple background does not distract the eye from the product itself, allowing the subject to be the focal point. However, this type of image can also inhibit the connection a viewer may have with the subject. In order to evoke more emotion and create more appeal around the subject, you can incorporate a "lifestyle" image.

(You can see that the setup isn't too complicated either!)

Add Personality to Your Still Life

A lifestyle image tends to have a product in its natural context or in-use by a person. Posing the subject in this way tends to create a more relatable image, one that your customer is more likely to connect with. You be the judge! Here are two photos of the Generator Backpack from The North Face®, one taken in the light box (top) and the other in a lifestyle setting (bottom).

You can get creative with your set-up, too. Thoughtfully place your product how it'd normally be kept, supporting a mindset that it can easily fit into the viewer's own environment. Here's an image of one of our favorite products: the Merchant Tag.

Making it Happen

With the right equipment and lighting, you can completely transform and improve the quality of your marketing photos. Bear in mind that you may want to polish your photography skills as well if you're independently planning to tackle this endeavor. Seek out a reputable photography tutorial or class to make sure you're up to par!  

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