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Print Solutions that Boost Employee Morale

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." Former President John Quincy Adams defined leadership quite simply by addressing the importance of inspiring others.

As part of our 2016 rebrand, we considered the partnership role we have with our clients, and how we aim to energize their brands in a way that will bring them success. In a way, we aim to inspire our clients with sometimes simple solutions to put momentum behind their mission and, in turn, support their company values as well.

But there is another channel we support as well and that's the audience inside the company's we serve: the employees.

Whether it's an international company like Nike or a small business that is focused on serving its local community, there are employees behind every successful brand. Just like our own Flywheel team, we appreciate the tireless dedication that each person brings to the table.

And with that, we propose something you may have not considered. Take a look at some unique print solutions for your team. No one could ever deny that a "pat on the back" goes a long way. Why not personalize that thank you with a branded mug for your avid coffee drinkers or a logoed hoodie for the outdoorsmen on your team.

A recent Huffington Post article, summed it up, noting that "there is much more to motivation and rewards than cold, hard cash." Take some time to read "Incentives: The Importance of Rewarding Your Employees" about how employee appreciation is becoming a vital element of company leadership.

In the 35 years of serving companies of all sizes, we've customized some well-received and highly impactful "thank you’s". Here are some basic examples:

  • Fun, screen-printed t-shirts for a high-achieving department
  • Logoed water bottles for a wellness-focused team
  • Portfolios with the company logo to recognize a workplace milestone or achievement
  • Silicon wristbands for every single associate, which sports the team's motto

But please, if you're thinking about something for your team, the best thing is to give us a call. By knowing the number of people on your team and the reasoning behind your gesture, we can devise a truly customized solution that will scream, "You are valued."

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