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New Promo Products Guaranteed to Boost Team Spirit and Customer Engagement

There’s nothing better than a promotional product to raise awareness for your brand and to show the community you care. Rather than focus on the S-A-L-E, we've found that investing in C-H-E-E-R really goes a long way in marketing. Whether you're improving customer engagement or employee morale (or maybe both!), the spirit of your campaign is critical to your success.

With summer underway, there's no better time than the present to donate your old trinkets and bring in some interesting, appreciated, branded gifts to reinforce your company culture or nurture the relationships that make your company a success.

To get started, here are some unique, yet effective, promotional products that have passed our awesomeness test! (If you need us to send you a sample or you'd just like a virtual sample with your logo, let us know!)


As low as $27.38 each

Part rain slicker, part seat cushion, your customers will stay dry and comfortable at any outdoor event with this durable, convenient and innovative item. Consider giving it to a customer who is a baseball fan or has a child playing tee ball, or pair it up with a couple tickets to an upcoming game for an employee who's gone above and beyond for your company.

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As low as $3.41 each

Thanks to 3D thermo-injection technology, turn your logo into a frozen treat! 100% natural, vegan and gluten free, Pixsweet ice pops are made with real fruit, vegetables and natural ingredients and are currently available in three flavors: strawberry lemonade, green apple and citrus watermelon. Serve them at a company outing or charitable event!

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As low as $4.15 each

When the day heats up, an undershirt can easily be too much! Arm Sleeves give your employees or customers just the right amount of warmth while your core stays cool. Arm sleeves are also the perfect item for showing team spirit or promoting your business. Used by athletes, nurses and fans worldwide for improved circulation, they've quickly become a fan favorite!

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As low as $17.14 each

The Pocket Mat is a clean, portable surface that can be used in countless ways! This 5' x 5' mat is large enough for several friends, fam and pups to all hang out together. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, this highly useful product will hit home with loyal customers, invaluable partners and irreplaceable employees.

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