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New in: 3D pop-up cards and why they make a great gift.

Finding gifts for clients and businesses can be a bit more difficult in today’s world because everyone has seen it all, and overall has been given the same thing. Don’t get us wrong, no matter what the gift is it is still extremely appreciated, but why not spice it up and make it a bit personal or sentimental.

3D pop-up cards come in all sizes and designs, genuinely whatever you feel fits best. Personally, for us, we wanted to create a card for our clients that represents who we are. Using the tagline “More than a greeting, it’s an experience” gives our clients the reassurance that we aren’t just here for cool branding - but for the experience and needs of others that we thrive to execute. The cool branding is just a plus. 

These cards aren’t just for celebrating clients but are super special for every occasion. Some examples include connecting with existing clients to display a new product or celebrating the launch of that new business of yours. 

Everyone loves cards, especially when you put some meaning into them. 

Contact us for more information on 3D pop-up cards and we may even celebrate by sending you a sample! (wink wink) 

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