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Marketing Your Chattanooga Business

Are you a Chattanooga business owner? Have you taken steps to market your business so that it can grow? Flywheel is a Chattanooga business invested in the success other Chattanooga businesses. There’s something so special to us about helping local businesses grow and build communities. Here are just a few of our marketing solutions.

Promotional Products

...are products that have your logo displayed loud and proud. This can include custom apparel, accessories, food & drink-ware… the list goes on and on. Promo products can be given to your employees and your most loyal customers. When a customer visits a business they love and then sees a t-shirt hanging on the wall for sale - they’re going to want one for themselves as a souvenir! 

Signs and Displays

We are here to shine a light on your brand! Signs and billboards that broadcast your brand name to your community can make a HUGE difference. Of course, you need a sign with your logo on it on the site of your business so people are able to find you. Displays are important too! If your business ever attends a trade show, you’re going to need a display that stands out. 

Online Marketing

Whether you are building a website or a social media presence, there are so many things to consider beforehand. For example, you want to use your logo and brand colors strategically throughout your website and on your social media pages. Your pages should have a “look” that practically scream your brand’s name. If you’re looking for some help getting your online presence established, we are here to help!


Brochures, business cards, flyers… you name it, we’ve got it. Networking is an everyday thing, and you never really know when an opportunity will arise, so it is important to always keep a couple business cards on hand at all times. Or maybe you've got an event coming up, and you need some flyers to spread the word.

Decals & Labels

I always like to say that decals are simply “more fun business cards.” Hand these out, odds are people will stick ‘em on their water bottles or laptops and then boom, you got yourself some free advertising.

Find YOUR Solutions

We offer marketing solutions and promotional products that will completely transform your business into a brand.

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