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Getting Started With Promo Products

Maybe you’re a new business. Or maybe you have just begun to explore the idea of promotional products for your brand. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few products that will be great to get your brand recognized.


Always a great place to begin with promotional products. Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? Our favorite is our Butterwash T-Shirt, which uses technology to make your everyday t-shirt softer than you could imagine. I mean, seriously, these things are SOFT. People will be wearing these on the daily. What’s the point, though? Is a t-shirt really doing anything for your brand? Well, imagine a customer buys a t-shirt from their favorite local Chattanooga restaurant. This customer will not only be reminded of how much they love this restaurant, but their t-shirt will also be a conversation starter for people who might have never heard of or tried this restaurant. BOOM, your current customer just found you a new customer.


People put stickers on EVERYTHING nowadays. Car windows, laptops, water bottles, coolers, skateboards, need I go on? Because I could! This is the same idea as the t-shirts. Other people will see these decals and ask about your brand. Your customers basically just start advertising for you. And I’ve noticed, especially with local businesses, people are more than happy to give a little bit of free advertising out.

Customized Products

What I mean by customized products is a product that makes SENSE. This is the reason we have such a wide variety of products. Say you have a company golf tournament coming up. How cool would it be to have branded golf balls for that event? And who knows, maybe someone golfing that day sees one of your golf balls and looks your brand up? It’s a world of possibilities with all the products we carry.

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