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Flywheel Launches A New Product Line

Flywheel Launches A New Product Line


Marketing is getting a whole lot, well, smellier! Scratch and Sniff stickers used to be saved for when you got an A+ at school. Those fascinating stickers that could smell like a piece of fruit or candy you got in the 2nd grade have received a significant 2021 upgrade!


Flywheel is thrilled to launch our latest product line, Scratch and Sniff Labels, created to introduce fragrance into traditional marketing. Is the multi-sensual effect of scent marketing the sweet smell of success?


We're covering everything you need to know about our new product line, how to implement them in your next marketing campaign, and answering the age-old question: How do scratch and sniff stickers really work?


What is Scratch andSniff Printing?


At Flywheel, we create our Scratch and Sniff stickers using microscopic capsules of scent specially developed to smell like a product. If a product has a smell, we can emulate it. From bath & body care to candles and household cleaning products, we can flawlessly capture a product's scent in a small Scratch and Sniff sticker.


How Do We Smell Scratch And Sniff Products?


Once a shopper scratches the sticker outside the packaging, the microscopic capsules break to release the chosen scent. We use a blend of natural, essential oils to craft our unique scents. When the oil molecules enter the nose, they immediately trigger the neurons in the brain to identify the smell. Our process gives a long-lasting, powerful fragrance for an interactive shopping experience.

Scratch And Sniff Stickers In Marketing:

Point of sale scent labels are changing the way consumers buy everyday household and beauty items.


As humans, we associate memories and emotions with scent. There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies to evoke blissful memories and positive feelings. The same sensation can be achieved with scent marketing. Sniffable stickers help create a more personal, interactive buying experience for the customers. After a consumer scratches the sticker, they're subconsciously immediately invested in your product. Buyers will have more of an emotional connection to the product and your brand. Even if they don't purchase an item, they took time out of their day to further explore your product - that's always more effective than someone passing in on the shelf without a second look!


Get In Touch To Learn More


Scent marketing is an easy, cost-effective marketing solution with Flywheel. We work closely with each of our clients to understand your product and how it should be portrayed to enhance the build-up to a sale. Scratch and Sniff stickers are helping turn browsers into buyers.

We understand you may still have a few questions! Contact us to learn more about our process and how you can start incorporating scent into your marketing campaigns.

We're always here to answer any questions or concerns!