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Flywheel Brands is Helping Chattanooga Businesses Grow with Custom Promotional Products

Flywheel Brands is Helping Chattanooga Businesses Grow with Custom Promotional Products

Flywheel Brands is a Chattanooga printing company that provides local businesses with custom branded promotional material. Custom promotional products feature your unique logo and put it on display for the world to see, wear, and communicate with thereby spreading brand awareness and increasing recognition!

Brand recognition is one of the main factors behind every company’s success. Take Nike, for example. All it takes is one look at their signature swoosh and most people immediately know what company it belongs to, what they offer, and what their reputation is. Through their brand, they are able to communicate their unique attributes without even saying a word. If this is something you’d like to accomplish for your own brand, you need custom branded material!

Here’s how Flywheel Brands can help your Chattanooga business:

Promotional Products

Whether you’re a restaurant in need of custom drinkware or a gym looking for branded exercise gear, Flywheel has the solution for you! We work closely with each one of our clients and go over all of our options for promotional gear to help them make the very best selection. Our goal is to create Chattanooga promotional products that consumers want to use every day, so we only use the highest quality products and take pride in our production value.

Print Solutions

Every business needs easily distributed material that provides its customers with information and offers value. Flywheel’s Chattanooga printing solutions include custom business cards, pamphlets, stationery, posters, and more. We also have an in-house graphic design team that can take your vision and turn it into a beautifully designed reality.

Decals & Labels

Put your brand’s logo on display for the world to see with a well-designed decal. Distributing decals is an excellent way to get your Chattanooga’s business out there for thousands of people to see. Who knows, someone may stick your decal on their water bottle, travel to California, and inadvertently do a little free advertising for you!

Flywheel also offers floor decals which are absolutely necessary for businesses to guide patrons and help them follow social distancing measures in Chattanooga. 


In order to keep the Chattanooga community safe, Flywheel is offering partitions for school desks and local businesses. Partitions are fully customizable and can be designed to feature your unique logo. The partitions for businesses are engineered to be portable and foldable so you can move them as needed and store them when necessary. 

For three generations, Flywheel has been serving the Chattanooga, TN area and beyond with high-quality branded gear for every occasion and any business. With hundreds of product options and infinite design possibilities, Flywheel can help your Chattanooga business grow into what you’ve always dreamed it to be! 

If you aren’t sure what your business needs, need help finalizing a design, or want to get your current design on some great new products, give Flywheel a call. We can’t wait to get to know you and your business!

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