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Finding the Right Trade Show Booth or Display for You

Your boss calls you into her office. Your palms are clammy. Beads of sweat are forming on your brow. You shut the door. She begins to speak. It's far worse than you expected.

"I need you to create a display for our upcoming trade show."

You gasp for air and mutter, "Of course," knowing full well that you have no concept of what's available let alone what's trendy nowadays. Thanks to your liberal arts background, everyone thinks you know everything about social media, marketing and apparently trade show displays. Sheesh.

Because Flywheel's team is well-versed in today's trade show booth options (shameless plug), we know the sea of possibilities can be overwhelming. To help you navigate what's out there, we've outlined two major categories: Displays and Add-ons.

Trade Show Display Options

1. Backwall: Don't be confused by this term. The name exactly describes what it is, a backdrop or wall that lines the rear of your trade show booth. You'll see a number of terms that describe back wall options, e.g. tension fabric, fabric, push-fit, hybrid aluminum. They all simply refer to the material used in its construction. Although they are large and appear to be too cumbersome, most are generally simple to assemble and disassemble quickly as well as transport easily.

Modular Trade Show Display
Hybrid Aluminum Backwall
Fabric Backwall Kit

Fabric Backwall Kit

Fabric backwall kits come in a portable, expandable wheeled transit cases for easy storage and transport. Assembly and graphic attachment is easy - simply pull the pillowcase fabric graphics over the frame and zip.


2. Pop-up Display: Due to their uniqueness, Pop-Up Displays can add a great deal of dimension to your trade show booth. The size and shape varieties allow you to incorporate them into your display as a backwall, informative stand or visual accent. The construction literally allows you to pop open the display and easily retract it like an accordion, cutting down on set-up and making transport a cinch.

3. Point of Purchase Systems: Acting as a backwall and product display, Point of Purchase Systems are perfect for tastefully arranging featured products. This particular backdrop features simple black metal frames, peg display boards, product shelving, lighting and push-fit fabric graphics to deliver products and messaging with an impact.

Trade Show Display Add-Ons

1. Hanging Display: From near and far (across the expo), attendees can easily locate your trade show booth with a one-of-a-kind structure that's suspended from the ceiling. Designs vary, appealing to the needs of traditional and unconventional brands.

Hanging Trade Show Display
Hanging Trade Show Display
Hanging Trade Show Display

2. Banner Stands: If you still have a banner stand that weighs more than you do, it's time to invest in something more durable, portable...and easier on the shoulders. Whether they are retractable or supported by bamboo rods, banner stands are possible regardless of your budget.

3. Table Throws: Some trade shows will provide you with a table cloth; however, that's a lot of real estate shrouded in black. Bringing your own table throw maximizes your opportunity to brand your trade show booth. In addition to the traditional table cloth, you can opt for one that is fitted and one that stretches from top to feet (scuba style). There is even a convertible table throw that adjusts to a 6- or 8-foot table.

4. Folding Display Panels: For tight budgets, table-top folding display panels are effective for featuring your brand at eye-level. Creativity is encouraged with this blank canvas on which you can feature photos, testimonials, company keywords and the like.

5. Counters & Kiosks: A beautiful backwall can be accented well with a counter or kiosk in order to add more dimension and promote interaction in your trade show booth. They also outline the space well without a backwall or other structure. With an array of designs and sizes from which to choose, do keep in mind the average dimension of trade show booths you reserve. You'll want these beautiful pieces to fit everywhere you go.

6. Literature Racks: When you're in a small 8x8 trade show booth for instance, space is limited. The slender nature of literature racks is excellent for displaying materials such as rack cards, brochures, postcards, magazines and catalogs for attendees while still exuding the high-caliber design you desire. Towers can stand tall enough to be noticed and still easily collapse into a light-weight addition for your booth.

7. Lighting: Even when ample light is expected, there's rarely enough to do your trade show booth any justice. Ballrooms, for one, are notorious for having dim lighting, and are perhaps one of the most common locations for an expo. Once you've decided on the display that's right for your brand and the space, consider adding accent lights to the booth. Even if your convention center is well lit with fluorescent light, the warm white light of your booth can brighten up the experience.

Need more ideas on creating a memorable trade show booth?

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