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Emerging Custom Apparel Trend Makes for Happy, Productive Employees

We’ve all faced it. Blazing hot summers bring out the short sleeves and petite skirt lengths, yet the majority of our time is spent shivering in the arctic environment we call our office. Winter is no better as we struggle to stay warm between the infrequent blasts of heat by reaching for yet another steaming cup of Joe.

Setting an optimal office temperature can be a real battle as has been noted by Alan Hedge, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University. For years, he has studied the impact of office temperatures on workplace productivity. His findings consistently show that the connection is real!

In an article from Bloomberg last month, Hedge was quoted as saying, "When people are feeling cold, they will spend time trying to make themselves feel warmer by doing things like rubbing their hands or moving around the office. These aren’t bad things to do, but you’re not focusing on work. The cold is distracting."

If only we could have that “just right” workplace climate for everyone! With cost concerns preventing a quick resolution, we all know that’s probably wishful thinking.

However, we've identified a clever, cost-effective solution and emerging trend that will quell the battle over the thermostat dial.

Introducing: the Back-of-the-Chair Jacket.

Port Authority Ladies Concept Shrug
Port Authority Ladies Interlock Cardigan L807
District Made Cardigan Sweater DM315

Employees across the country are bidding farewell to their misshapen sweaters and logo zip-up hoodies from last fall’s company picnic, to make room for this no-brainer solution that creates tranquility for everyone.

Companies are giving their team high-quality, non-traditional ouwetwear--such as blazers, shrugs and sweaters--from popular brands like OGIO® and Port Authority®. (Try this OGIO® Ladies Bombshell Jacket on for size!) These handy chill-killers are adorned with a tastefully embroidered logo and conveniently need not ever leave the office. If that wasn't enough, small and large quantities are possible, and your preference for professionalism doesn't need to be sacrificed with the wide variety of size and style options that are available. We think of it as a small price to pay for warm, happy and productive team members!

Concerned about quality? So are we! That's why we work with cost-conscious yet high-quality partners. If you'd like to try a sample on for size, we'll hook you up! Just give us a call at 800.237.0083 or send us an email at results@flywheelbrands.com.

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