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Modern Business Card Holder Ideas for Professionals in 2019

27 million business cards get printed each day in hopes that they'll generate more clients. They are a cost-effective marketing tool and businesses need to know how to use them. One way to make a poor first impression is to hand a potential client a dirty, crumpled-up card that you dug out of your purse. So how do you avoid this fiasco and maximize the effectiveness of your business cards? Having a business card holder that's as impressive as your cards will help you prepare for marketing events. Read on to discover 2019's modern ideas for business card holders.

Why Your Business Card Holder Should Impress

There's a reason why you take business cards with you to important networking events. Having an easy way to give potential clients your company information makes it more likely that they'll come to you for future business. What are the benefits of business cards? They give you a low-cost way to make a lasting first impression on future customers. The best business cards are customizable to fit your brand. Handing them out means spreading knowledge about how amazing your company is. Some professionals question the value of business cards in today's technological world. But most marketing experts will still tell you that everyone needs business cards. Handing someone your unique card is a personable technique that makes an impression. This is why a sturdy and unique business card holder is almost as important as business cards. There's no point in owning a tool if you don't have a way to use it, right? Today's professionals are learning the value of business card holders. They're inventing unique models that keep business cards safe both at home and in transit.

Card Holders for Display

When you're not handing them out, business cards are best kept on display either on your desk or at an event. It's a passive form of marketing that gets your information out there. When you set up a booth at a networking event, you should have a pile of business cards to display next to your promotional products. Individuals at these types of events are taking in large amounts of information about different businesses. Because of this, they need a way to take home information about your company for future reference. You'll want a reliable case to display your business cards. Professionals often prefer something that is sleek and minimal. Customers should be able to quickly grab out a card without having to wrestle it out of its display case.

Are you looking to upgrade that cardboard box to a unique card holder that displays your business cards? Here are the top five styles for cardholder displays:

Metal Displays: Sleek and Sturdy

If you want something that will last a long time, then choosing a metal business card case will be your best option. This type of material won't break if it happens to fall off your desk or display table. It will also have clean corners that won't damage the corners of your paper cards.

You can find metal card display cases made of metal mesh that are affordable and easy to find. You can also order card displays made of solid steel, which makes it look simplistic and high-end.

Wooden Displays: Stylish and Trendy

If you want your card display to stand out, then a wooden card holder will be sure to capture a client's attention. This type of cardholder display fits well into the office scheme of trendy entrepreneurs. It's also a sturdy choice in case you need to take it with you between events.

Plastic Displays: Clean and Minimal

This style of cardholder will be the easiest to find either online or at office supply stores. Although it's going to be the cheapest option, it still offers a professional look that makes your business card stand out. It's a great option for professionals needing a display holder for marketing events. It won't be a huge loss if it gets left behind and it's easy to carry around.

On-The-Go Card Holders

The number one occasion you'll need a business card holder is when you're out and about talking to clients. You won't have your desk supply handy and you certainly won't be lugging around the huge cardboard box your cards arrived in.

There are many cardholder options for every type of business professional. Here are this year's top business card holders that make marketing easy.

Leather Card Holders

Leather is making a surprise appearance in the professional sphere through handmade cardholders. This is a great option for professionals who don't like carrying around bulky cases made of metal or plastic.

Do you need a new business card holder to fit your brand?

When you want to make a lasting impression with your business cards, you need a business card holder that's both unique and reliable. There are numerous cardholder options out there for businesses that cater to unique audiences. 

Ready to make a lasting impression?