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Breaking Down Company Stores

We talked about company stores a while back in our blog, "Company Stores: Why You Probably Need One," and gave you a brief idea of the concept of a company store. Now we’re talking more about what makes up a company store and the different types that Flywheel offers in detail, and how they benefit your people and employees. And more details are always better, as long as it’s not in a "this could’ve been an email kind of way," right? So let's get into it!

Redemption Stores

Your first option is a Redemption Store. These are exactly what they sound like. They’re made for your employees to be able to redeem a gift of some kind. It’s important to keep in mind that Redemption Stores aren’t designed to be a one-stop-shop. We leave that to our Elite Stores. It's meant to be low maintenance, quick, and easy (like a microwave burrito, if you will). The way they work is that your employees will be given a code by you. They'll go into the redemption store and pick what they want to redeem. Once they checkout, they input their code, and presto! company swag is on its way! As experts in the branding world, Flywheel will help you pick out what kinds of products suit your needs and make sure that your brand is displayed in a unique and high-quality way. 

Elite Stores

Your second option is the Elite Store, and unlike the Redemption Store, this is your one-stop shop! This option will have everything you need. Flywheel will be just as hands-on as we were for your Redemption Store while making your Elite Store and will help you make sure it's exactly what you need it to be. With an advanced store, you’ll have options for things like coupon codes, inventory, tiered pricing, account balances, and even loyalty points. "But that's not all!" you say? You should, because there are many other options that Flywheel reps can walk you through so you understand your store's full capabilities. The Elite Store includes all the bells and whistles that your employees deserve and offers the best and easiest customer experience. 

Redemption vs. Elite... FIGHT!

The showdown between choosing a Redemption Store and an Elite Store is only as intense as you let it be. That's why when you make one with us here at Flywheel, we are a part of the process! Redemption Stores are a great option for offering incentives for sales or as a way to reward your team for jobs well done. While Elite Stores are great for providing a way for your clients or super fans to purchase merchandise! Still can’t decide? No worries, get in contact with us through results@flywheelbrands.com and we’ll help you find a Cinderella-worthy fit. Just a heads up, spots for this year are closing up, so don’t wait around if you want your company store up and running before the holidays.

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