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Branding Your Chattanooga Business


As a company that began in Chattanooga, Flywheel is dedicated to helping local businesses grow. How do we do that? By helping you find the perfect promotional products and marketing solutions!

Why do you need promotional products?

Brand recognition! Take a moment to picture the Nike swoosh or the Target bullseye in your head. Right away, you probably know exactly what those logos look like. These brands have grown to a point where they don’t even have to put their name next to their logo. People just automatically associate the logo with the brand. Your mind may even go straight to the logo when you hear some brand names. We can help your brand do this in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. 

We will print custom t-shirts, decals, and other products that fit within your brand. For example, if you have a Chattanooga coffee shop, you should have coffee mugs with your logo on them. Whether you are using them to serve your coffee in house or you are selling them for your customers to have at home. Maybe your customers need reusable travel cups that they can bring back and refill every time they come back for more. Other people who may not know about your coffee shop see your customer’s travel cup and decide to try it out for themselves. 

Custom t-shirts and decals can be huge as well! Someone who loves your business will want to tell others about it and they’ll basically become a walking and talking billboard for you. 

Speaking of billboards, we can make those too. Check out these billboards we made for a local antique store called Vinterest.

Promotional products do exactly what they say they do, they PROMOTE your brand and soon enough your logo will be recognized by all sorts of Chattanoogans.

Start growing your Chattanooga business.

With the help of promotional products and marketing strategies, your business can be known and loved by all Chattanoogans. Contact us now to get started!

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