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Bellhops, a Quick Print Case Study

With an important customer event on the horizon, Bellhops was in need of a custom gift card and card holder. A project like this is sometimes the best because we get to work with a blank canvas and develop something completely unique. When we have this opportunity, we always take some time to get to know the brand--the feel, the tone, the vibe--and then get to work on a few different design options. If you know anything about the Bellhops brand, you'll know that it's a fun, creative company that is reimagining the way people move. (Check them out if you haven't already!)

Our team got to work, and came up with some designs that would really add some energy to the collateral. We wanted to take it up a notch. Even though they are a "moving company", they have a lot more personality than the average industry brand.

Stronger and bolder than a template, this gift card and holder set was a hit with our clients and even more so with Bellhops customers.

Working with edgy and driven companies is always a welcome challenge for our team. We get excited about the goals you have and the vision that you have for achieving them. That excitement is the energy that's infused in every project that we take on and the momentum that you feel in your business after they are put to use!

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