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Be Part of their Adventure: 8 Rugged Products for Genuine Promo Marketing

Regardless of your business, every owner cares about connecting with new and potential customers. And being remembered can sometimes be the hardest part of that connection. What will set you apart at a trade show and help others to recognize your brand quickly and easily?

Fact: Promotional products are the #1 preferred method of advertising by consumers.

Knowing that, why not plug into the dreams and desires of your audience? Be the brand that actually cares. Be part of their adventure.

To help you chart your course, we've discovered 8 new products that are just what you need to navigate your way to success!


As low as $6.25 each

Ah, not many things are better than French press coffee in the morning! And now, your outdoor adventurers can have their fresh air and gourmet coffee, too! Simply add coffee grounds with hot water and steep. Then, push the second portion of the cup (the filter) in and boom! It's also perfect for coffee lovers and anyone who must have the hottest items.


As low as $40.00 each

Did you know that OtterBox's original product was the DryBox? It's a container to store your belongings or take fishing, rafting or boating, while never having to worry about it getting ruined or sinking! (Yes, it floats!) It's rugged, durable and offers a bold imprint that will help build brand loyalty for years to come.


As low as $17.95 each

This new product caught us by surprise! The photos don't do it justice. What with its sturdy design and trendy look, it definitely creates a high-perceived value. It can hold up to 24 cans, and is collapsible to easily take on the go. VIP customers and employees will love it as an addition to their outdoor gear collection or as a helpful daily carry-all.


As low as $15.00 each

These polarized shades look awesome and stay comfortably on your face whether you’re haulin’ down a mountain trail or having a beverage in a Mexican cantina. (And they are quite possibly the best-looking custom running sunglasses you can buy for less than $50.) People will be asking for a pair to become walking billboards for your brand!


10 oz. as low as $30.49 each

20 oz. as low as $35.99 each

OtterBox has done it again with these stainless steel tumblers that will keep drinks hot or cold up to 7 hours! Best of all, they comes with OtterBox's Lifetime Limited Warranty. So, your valued audience is covered from start to finish. Consider this a co-branding opportunity you don't want to miss!


As low as $110.99 each

Make this 4-person Picnic Set & Cooler Backpack part of your marketing campaign this summer! The kit includes plates, flatware, 8 oz. wine glasses, stainless steel salt and pepper shakers, a wood-handled wine opener and stopper, a cheese spreader and cutting board. With the warmer temps coming soon, this new item is sure to be used—and loved—by everyone! Click to see the inside!


As low as $199.99 each

The 20-quart Pelican™ Elite cooler performs to the highest of standards—better and tougher than many others on the market. Extreme insulation keeps ice up to three days, and the tall design will hold 15 cans or four wine bottles. With all its great qualities, it is a high-end gift that, along with your brand, will resonate with its recipient for years.


As low as $286.99 each

This hardshell cooler is next-level cool! Gone are the days of those overpriced, heavy designs and in are the days of this versatile, super effective and convenient cooler. Accessories for it are available directly through Otterbox, which makes it one of the most versatile coolers on the market. These are great for executive gifts or special occasion giveaways.


Pelican™ Elite Soft Cooler

As low as $314.99 each

Offering a convenient and lightweight alternative to hard coolers, this cooler is adventure-ready! It's durable, easy to carry, waterproof and leakproof, and the high-density, closed-cell foam insulation helps keep ice solid for several days. We recommend this as a golf event prize or VIP customer appreciation gift.

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