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Ban Boring Branding

Flywheels’ Take on Branding

Here at Flywheel, we want to do branding differently. We think that "outside the box" should be the norm and that your branding should reflect your company, not the same bag that every other company at the convention is also using. The phrase "Ban Boring Branding" can be heard throughout our office every week, but what does that mean? We want branded products to be something that you use daily or wear outside the office, not out of an intense tie to your company, but because you want to; because that company shirt just looks sick and it’ll be great for a night out with friends! If you just go back to your home or hotel room and throw away all the things you got at the latest convention, then branding has failed. In a world of oversaturated markets and useless convention souvenirs, Flywheel stands out by creating one-of-a-kind items for you when you need them.

Physical vs Digital

It’s important to recognize that there is another major type of branding, and while Flywheel does both, we specialize in the physical side of branding and less so on the digital side. In this era of social media and virtual reality, it’s easy to dismiss physical branding as outdated and overrun. So let's outline some pros and cons of the two and see if you still find physical branding a thing of the Boomers! 

Physical Branding 


  • It’s tangible; things you can hold in your hands automatically create a sense of ownership towards that product.
  • If you’re giving it away, it feels like a gift and creates a sense of endearment toward your brand.
  • When done well, it leaves a more lasting impression, and impressive works generate more buzz as physical products than digital products.
  • Subliminal messaging: if the physical branding is done on useful everyday items like mugs, notebooks, pens, etc., it keeps your company more front of mind than digital branding would.


  • Physical branding is more expensive than digital branding. There are a lot of extra expenses involved.
  • You're limited to the chosen medium with how "wild" you can get with your branding ideas.

Digital Branding


  • Digital branding can easily be seen by almost every market you can think of. So reaching your target market, no matter how niche it may be, is achievable. 
  • You can create almost any idea or form of branding you can think of in a digital format. From social media posts, YouTube ads, or gas station TV.
  • It’s cheaper than investing in physical assets that may be thrown away or not even bought.


  • Because there is less of an impression, digital does not inspire as much pride in your brand as traditional media does. Digital branding is fleeting and easily passed over.
  • It’s easy to get put in Algorithm Purgatory with digital branding. You have to make sure that what you’re posting is keeping up with trends.

So which is better? We’ll let you decide, and no matter which medium you choose, Flywheel has you covered with unique and curated branding! And when you wear your custom branded gear outside the office, tag us in your posts and use #flywheelinthewild to be featured on our Instagram. 

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