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Appealing to the Senses

The five senses: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, and Touching. We experience the world through these senses. It is how we learn and remember. It contributes to our beliefs. So obviously, you want to appeal to peoples’ senses in unique and creative ways when marketing your business.


The most simple, and possibly most important of the senses when it comes to marketing. 

First and foremost, people see your logo more than anything else. Your logo is a symbol that encompasses everything your brand is. Ensure that your logo is intriguing, relatable to your business, and easy to look at. 

Speaking of easy to look at, think about promotional products. Promo products are practically useless if they aren’t attractive, because they won’t be used, but instead sit in a dark box tucked way back into the back of a closet. Therefore, make attractive promo products that people will want to use. And, trust us, great swag will make your brand even more loved by your customers and employees than before.


Let’s talk about word of mouth marketing for a moment. This is one thing that is so important when it comes to the community that surrounds your business. It is simply spreading the word. Treat your customers like the gems they are, give them a great experience, and they will tell people about your business. And those people will tell more people, until you have a full on domino effect happening in your community.

And then we have social media. Yes, we know, you’re not always HEARING things when you scroll through instagram, but for the sake of this argument, yes you are. Posting appealing content consistently will draw people in. Try doing a giveaway where people have to tag their friends in the comments to enter. BOOM - someone new just learned about your business. And then that person tags 3  more friends in the comments of the giveaway. Domino. Effect.


So, this one might seem a little weird. It may not be applicable to all businesses! But, we do like to be creative around here. 

One way smell can be important is if you have a business that people are visiting quite a bit - you most definitely want it to smell nice, and perhaps even have a “signature scent”. For example, a boutique smelling like a certain candle or perfume can draw people in, and they will be reminded of the boutique every time they smell that candle.

Another cool idea is by creating a candle that represents your brand. This can be a candle that has your logo on it and your brand’s “signature scent!”

Now here is a pretty cool product we provide: Point of Sale Scent Labels. These are scratch & sniff labels that add a little “umph” in giving a little preview of a product. These can be beauty products, soaps, laundry detergents, candles, air fresheners, and other consumer goods. This way, customers can experience the fragrance of a product without ever having to open the container.


Okay, most of the people reading this are probably not food companies. However, we have TONS of promo products that are food-related and can be used to appeal to taste. Whether it be a coffee mug, tumbler, or food container with your logo on it… your customer will be reminded of your brand every time they drink their coffee in the morning or when they go on their lunch break and eat from their reusable food container. 


When creating swag, Flywheel uses products that are high quality and it shows. For example, our ever famous Butterwash tees are so soft, your brand’s swag will become someone’s new favorite t-shirt. 

Another way to appeal to touch is by using materials that don’t often get used. Try something like velvet or corduroy to mix things up and show that your brand is unique.

Let us guide you!

Creative Marketing Strategies is what we are all about. Do you have ideas? We will bring them to life. Do you have absolutely no idea where to begin? Let’s get you started! We are here to guide you and make your brand shine.

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