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A Look Back at PPAI Expo 2018: Hottest & Freshest Picks

There are some promo products that just don’t go out of style. 2018 offered innovative and effective items that boosted marketing for our customers across the country. Let’s take a look back and some of our faves.  

The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas is the industry’s premier promotional product trade show.  

(PPAI stands for Promotional Products Association International, a professional industry organization delivers essential knowledge and resources to ensure the success of its members and the industry.)

How can this new information help you? Promotional products are the most preferred form of advertising for today's consumer, according to recent industry studies. That means, people will respond to a useful or meaningful piece of drinkware or a ballcap significantly more than an online ad, sponsored social media post or TV commercial.

And these promotional products make a greater impact for much, much less than any of the above.

Our promo scouts at Flywheel put together a helpful PDF download just for you so that you can get a taste for some of the Hot & Fresh Picks we found in  2018. There's much more where this came from, but like we said, we had to make sure our friends heard it first from Flywheel.

Click to download the Hot & Fresh Picks of 2018!

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