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6 Benefits of Utilizing an Online Company Store for Branded Merchandise

Marketers and everyone else in your company benefit from streamlining branded merchandise with an online company store.

In principle, branded merchandise can be fantastic, but in practice, it can be a genuine challenge. Stocking several locations with essential supplies, guaranteeing prompt delivery, and reporting your sales and inventories can be frustrating. There's also the problem of different areas selecting different vendors, which makes brand control, logistics, and product quality a nightmare.

The solution is not to abandon branded merchandise, but to make it more accessible through an online company store. Streamlining branded merchandise through an online corporate store benefits, not just marketers, but also employees, managers, and everyone else in your organization.

Six benefits of an online company store:

1. Ease of Access

You may configure authorizations for various sections of your online business, granting marketers, employees, and even the general public access to specific items. That means your marketing team can order branded materials with a few simple clicks, while others can do the same with branded merchandise that meets their requirements. The time saved will allow staff to focus on other responsibilities rather than chasing down internal team members or vendors for order placement.

2. Minimized Administration

A key benefit of an online company store is that it has a centralized dashboard that allows administrators to handle everything related to your branded items.

Admins may easily add new promotional products, update old ones, delete discontinued ones, and manage your whole inventory of branded merchandise across all departments and locations.

Approvals can also be supplied ahead of time by altering user authorizations, allowing for quick and easy ordering without having to wait for a long time.

3. Controlled Branding

Maintaining brand consistency is important for maintaining your company's reputation, and an online store makes it simple. You can verify that all of your branded merchandise is delivered by authorized vendors and uses corporate-approved branding components that fulfill criteria because everything is controlled from the main dashboard. Every promotional item will meet the high-quality criteria that your firm has established in order to maintain its credibility.

4. Controlled and Reduced Costs

When a company attempts to procure branded merchandise from various vendors, both complications and costs can go through the roof. Without a streamlined system in place, procurement costs for branded merchandise can be as high as 20% or more. An online company store gives you a streamlined system that allows you to efficiently manage and order what you need from a single, trusted source.

With the ability to order on-demand instead of in advance, you’ll also eliminate the high cost of storing backlogs of branded merchandise that’s at risk of being ruined, lost, or outdated before it’s even used.

5. Custom Reporting

Instead of digging through emails, paper notes, or calling your numerous company locations, you'll be able to follow the status of your branded merchandise by logging into your online store. You can use custom reporting options to filter and sort criteria to get the exact information you need. You get access to order histories, marketing material distribution, product performance, and other analytics.

6. Same-Day Shipping

Nobody has time to waste when it comes to receiving the branded merchandise your marketing team requires. Not only does it take time to get the appropriate information into the hands of the vendor, but also waiting for it to be mailed out can be torturous. An online corporate store ensures that things are dispatched out the same day they are ordered because all of the information is already entered into the database.

An online corporate store offers a slew of advantages, from quick shipping to easy access, that can make your marketing team happier and more productive. Everyone else who uses your online store can benefit from it as well.

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