Point of Sale Scent Labels

Choose from a variety of scents that will genuinely capture the fragrance of your product in a convenient label.

Scratch and Sniff Labels integrate the power of scent into traditional marketing. They are an easy, cost-effective way to add extra details to custom product labels, generate buzz, enhance the customer experience, and of course, be a tool for consumers to get an accurate preview of a product.

Flywheel Brands Scratch and Sniff Labels are available in various sizes and shapes to meet your individual needs.

Scratch and Sniff labels are creating novel sensorial engagement between the brand and the consumer. Scents have this unique ability to evoke emotion. Scent marketing using attention-grabbing Scratch and Sniff Labels influences the customer throughout the entire shopping experience. From the moment they pick it up off the store shelf to when they take it home to check “if it smells the same,” the consumer is more engaged, more emotionally involved, and better connected with the brand.

Point of Sale Scent Label - Air Freshener

Who are Point of Sale Scent Labels Best for?

The beauty industry has been using custom microencapsulation technologies to stimulate customer's senses and to generate customer engagement. The fine fragrance market is not the only industry to benefit from ‘scent marketing.’ Soaps, laundry detergents, candles, air fresheners, and other consumer goods can rely on Scratch and Sniff Labels so consumers can experience the fragrance of a product without ever having to open the container.

How It Works

Flywheel Brands Scratch and Sniff products can be printed on a variety of substrates including, labels, papers, and textiles. The scents come to life using microencapsulated essential oils that are applied to the substrate with specialized printing processes.

Our scent engineers encapsulate essential oil blends to capture the diverse scents of consumer goods flawlessly. When a customer scratches the surface, the microcapsules release a fragrance that matches and represents your product.

Point of Sale Scent Label - Process

How Can We Assist?

We specialize in innovative scent-solutions. Your product already has a great fragrance. We are just letting more people know about it. We help brands use their own scents to spark effective, interactive scent marketing programs.

Not sure what label is best for you? At Flywheel Brands, you can work with our in-house label engineers to help you create the ideal label. Work one-on-one with our crew to create bespoke labels that seamlessly blend with your brand’s aesthetic.

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