A Redemption Store is a brilliant one-pager that allows your loyal customers, key employees, brand ambassadors and leads to redeem swag and connect with your business online.
A Redemption Store takes just minutes to set up and launch and allows your users to redeem swag in seconds. Once you have built your swag store, all your user needs to do is enter a code and checkout. It literally couldn’t be easier for both you and your customer to promote your brand.

A Redemption store is a perfect solution if you are looking to gift swag and want to save yourself the hassle of creating an online store. Simply customize the swag store with your brand and logo, generate or upload codes and away you go.


  • Quick set up & launch
  • Generate or upload codes
  • Create code groups
  • View codes & redeemed codes
  • No payments, shipping, or sales tax
  • Manage orders

Check out what your customer will experience when they come to your Redemption store here.

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A Catalog Company Store allows you to easily display products and get order requests via email. Simply customize the site with your logo, upload your products, and allow your customers to create wishlists and request samples and quotes.

A Catalog Company Store is a fantastic way to create an instant online presence and allow your customers to browse your products 24/7. However, it does not allow your customers to place orders online – only via email. 

Indeed, once you are ready to get rid of the back-and-forth emails, you can then easily turn your site into a Basic Company Store or Advanced Company Store. In the meantime, a Catalog Company Store can provide you with the perfect tools to get started selling online.


  • Pages & Themes
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Logo Management
  • Wishlists
  • Users & Groups
  • Request a Sample
  • Request a Quote
  • Vendor Management

Check out what your customer will experience when they come to your Catalog company store here.

Build a Catalog company store today!

If you are looking for a company store complete with a shopping cart, product categories, and homepage, then a Basic Company Store is the one for you. A Basic Company Store provides you with everything you need to launch a company store and sell online today. 

Not only does a Basic Company Store come with a selection of beautiful storefronts, but you can seamlessly create user accounts, product categories and pages, custom reports and accept multiple payment methods. Simply customize your online company store and begin selling online today.
A Basic Company Store is easy to set up and provides the perfect online company store for your business. Indeed, when you are ready to expand your online company store, you can also easily upgrade to our most comprehensive online company story, the Advanced Company Store.


Our Basic online company store provides everything included in the Catalog package PLUS more:

  • Payment Gateways
  • Custom Payment Methods
  • Shipping
  • Orders
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Sales Tax Rates
  • Guest Checkout

Check out what your customer will experience when they come to your Basic company store here.

Build a Basic company store today!

Our most comprehensive online company store, the Advanced Company Store, is the ultimate online company store solution. Packed full of all the features included in the Basic Company Store, the Advanced Company Store provides everything you need to sell online PLUS more.

With custom data collection, coupon codes, micro-stores add-on, and tiered pricing, the Advanced Company Store provides the absolute best customer experience and boost to your sales. To put it simply, our Advanced Company Store today is worth the investment.

If you are ready to go all-in, the Advanced Company Store truly is the only option for you. Simply customize your site, add your products, and get started selling and collecting insightful customer data right away. Indeed, with an Advanced Company Store, there truly is no looking back.


Our advanced online company store provides everything included in the Basic and Catalog packages PLUS more:

  • Advanced Shopping Cart
  • Shipping Integrations
  • Custom Data Collections
  • Custom User Fields
  • Group Passcode
  • Shop as User
  • Inventory
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Permissions
  • Account Balance
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Manager Order Approvals
  • ACH
  • Points

Check out what your customer will experience when they come to your Advanced company store here.

Build an Advanced company store today!